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Monday, April 30, 2012

eMail of April 30, 2012

Hello Everyone, Sorry about your lungs Caleb. I hope you get better. I´m glad to hear things are going well. Good luck in the play Nathaniel. It will be fun. So... My new area is Verdão. My companion is Elder Britto. We are opening the area so this week has been interesting. Neither of us knows exactly were stuff is in the area. Its been a great experience though. Our house was a pig stay when we got there. Tons of garbage and thilth! The second day we spent about 8 and a half hours cleaning it out. We moved all the firniture around, threw away a ton of garbage and old clothes and wood, and swept and cleaned the whole place. Now its great. There are two rooms that each have two beds and a closet. The one we sleep in has the desks as well. Then there is a bathroom a little hall way, a main room with a book shelf and a desk and a kitchen with a table, stove, refrigerator and washing machine. Its an apartment. Its really nice now that we have cleaned it out. Today we hit winter in Cuiabá. It should last for about a week or less. it was cold enough that I needed a blanket. Its about what its like during the late spring in Washington. About 60 degrees and cloudy. I´m loving it because its not so hot. The ward here is great. They all like the missionaries. We got a warm welcome to the ward. All of the members have driven us to thier houses for lunch because we don´t know the area so that was really nice. I love you all. I hope all goes well. I will keep you all in my prayers. See yah all in a couple years. Elder Marc Skiles

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