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Monday, March 26, 2012

eMail of March 26, 2012

Hey family,

So I met my new companion and we worked this week. He's fantastic. He´s on his second to last transfer on the mission, but he's not trunky at all. He says it's because for him it doesn´t matter how far he is on the mission, he´s still on the mission so it's the same thing. We're working real hard so I´m pretty happy about that.

We've gathered some new investigators from the area book and some references from the mission office. Sandra is still having a tough time quiting coffee. The problem is she's been drinking it twice a day everyday since she was a toddler. Also she has shifts at work nights and days back to back. But were working with her and we have faith that she´ll make it. Our other investigator is Linda. She's married to a member who did pretty much everything in the church before he divorced and became less active. Then he married her and is coming back to church.

I´m eating well and staying healthy. I´m eating more now than I ever have, but the members who give us lunch still say I don´t eat very much. I´m not gaining any weight because we walk so much. The weather here is a lot cooler now. (cool for here, but not for me). I´m not sure how some people come back from the mission with accents. My Portuguese doen´t seem to me to effect my english at all. Also Ive talked with people with a lot more time on the mission and they don´t seem to have any accent in english. Interesting. Thats so great that Caleb did well in wrestling. Its a whole different game in High School though. I wish I could go with all you guys to see hannah. But I´m supposed to be here so. Just three more months of school for you guys huh. I love you all. Stay firm in the gospel cuz its true. See yah in a couple years.

Elder Marc Skiles

Monday, March 19, 2012

eMail of March 19, 2012

Hey family,

Thanks so much for the emails and the pictures of hannah. Thats so great that you guys are so busy with her. Family is a great thing to be busy with. No one told me that Janai got in to BYU? I guess I knew she would. Thats great about the scholarship. Don´t stress yourself about anything Janai. Youve made it. Just have fun now. Seems like yesterday I was waiting for high school to end. What a blessing that Dad still has work. My companion was super excited to go home. Hes gone to go climb a mountain with the Mission President. I havent met my new companion. His name is Elder Rais (hayz). I hear he´s pretty quiet. We didn´t get a baptism this week either. Sandra didn´t quit drinking coffee yet. But she will. One of our eternal investigators (she has to get married) is moving. It might be in a different area. This kind of makes me nervous because its real easy to lose an investigator that way. Shes been going to church for about 8 months. I´ll find out tomorrow where it is shes moving. I love you all. Good luck woth Hannah and school and work and church and drama. See yah all in a couple years.

Elder Marc Skiles

Monday, March 12, 2012

eMail of March 12, 2012

Hello Everyone,

Thanks so much for the pictures of Hannah. She is sooo cute. I can´t wait to meet her when I come back. She'll be 1 and a half years old! Its crazy that I´ll be burning a tie at the 1/4 mark this week. It goes by so fast. This week we didn´t baptize. Mirian became really wishy washy again. Theres just no desire. But we´ll have a baptism for shure next week. She got married to a member about a month ago. She had to quit coffee first which was super hard. She drank about twice a day before. Everythings going really well. My companion is super excited to go home. Just one more week for him. I love you all. See yah in a couple years!

Elder Marc Skiles

Monday, March 5, 2012

eMail of March 5, 2012

Hello everyone,

No baptisms this week, but everything is going good. We should have 3 baptisms next week. My companion and I are still getting along real well. Leticia was confirmed this week. It was testimony meeting and 3 of the 4 baptisms that I've had bore thier testimonies. That was pretty exciting. It's always fantastic to see people stay firm after baptism. I hope you all have a good week. Happy Birthday Dad. Give Hannah a hug for me. See yah all in a couple years.

Elder Marc Skiles