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Monday, May 7, 2012

eMail of May 7, 2012

Hello Everyone, Glad to hear things are going well at home. Only about a month untill summer break for all you guys huh. Glad to hear people are finding jobs and working. Things are going great here. I really like this ward. Its pretty great. We are pretty spoiled by the members here actually. We have a few families who have told us that we can come eat dinner or lunch any day at thier house. The members are used to 4 missionaries here so there is a TON of food for lunch. We already have some great baptism prospects. The mother of the elders quorum president suddenly decided to get baptised next week. She´s been going to church forever. Her son is a returned missionary and everything. That was really exciting. The Elders Quorum Presidents family really reminds me of our family. Its nice. They have three boys and a younger girl. Ages 2 to 14 I think. He jokes and plays around with the kids just like Dad. The Elders Quorum President and his Counsilor took us out to visit some less active families they want us to visit. Its was really helpful since we are both new to the ward. This ward seems really involved in the mission work. Its really great. I´m really excited to see how it goes. I love you all. Be good. See yah all in a couple years. Elder Marc Skiles

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