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Monday, April 9, 2012

eMail of April 9, 2012

Hello Everyone,

This week was good. We still don´t have a lot of possibilities for baptisms, but we've got some new investigators. We had a less active member show up at church though. He told us he wanted to learn more about how the structure of the priesthood works so we went into a room and answered his questions and stuff. He told us his whole story and why he went inactive and everything. He was baptised in Japan actually. With everything that happened to him it's amazing he set foot in a church again. He has a very strong testimony.

That's great that you all had a good time in Utah. Wow. I´m already realizing how much things are going to be different when I get back. Janai will be in college, David will be married, Hannah will be 1 and a half, Caleb will be in high school and driving, and Nathaniel will be a teacher (right?).

Thats great that there is a reactivation and a Baptism happening in our ward. Just more saved families. Our mission President is going to switch after this next transfer. That's great that you gave lunch to the missionaries Dad. Lunch is kind of a stressfull thing for Missionaries. Sometimes people think they have to make something really fancy for missionaries so they hesitate to put their name down on the calendar. If there is something to eat, we´re grateful.

I love you all. Prepare, Caleb and Nathaniel, for your missions (Janai too even if you don´t go). A mission is pretty much the hardest, fastest, funest, most difficult, most challenging, happiest thing in the world. Except maybe raising a family, but I´ve never done that before. I love you all. See yah in a couple years!

Elder Marc Skiles

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