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Monday, January 23, 2012

eMail of January 23, 2012

Hey Family! Thanks for All the emails. Thats So cool about the snow. I love it when everything gets shut down for snow. Its crazy that here I´m sweltering in the heat and there your freezing in the cold. Its funny to hear the Brazillians talk about -5 celcius being extremely cold. I think thats about 25 degrees farenhieght. Most people have never seen snow here so for them that is really cold.

I´m Glad the Best of EFY went well. I wish the youth here in Brazil could have more things like that. The lord really does put strong spirits in more dificult surcmstances because he knows that they can handle the adversity. Its amazing how many activities we are blessede with there that they don´t have. So... Thing are goig great here. We´ll end our trasferr in a couple weeks and I think well be able to get a couple baptisms before it ends. Were teaching this fantastic family. Mother, father and two sons. You can just tell that the gospel is exactly what they need. The mom and dad are not married of course so it will take a little more time with them, but we plan to baptise the two sons the next two weeks. The next transfer I go from being trained to being a junior companion. That should be exciting. Keeping being a great strength to our ward. The member families make all the difference in missionary work and in streangthening testimonies in the ward. I love you all. see yah in a couple years.
Elder Marc Skiles

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