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Monday, November 26, 2012

Email of November 26, 2012

Hello Everyone! I´ve been here in Lucas do Rio Verde for the last week. The area here is much more difficult. Its a very rich area with a lot of catholics. Its been 6 months since this branch has had a baptism. It will be a challenge. The members here are great though. Really helpful. I´ll be going over to meet with some of the church leaders this next week. We´ll see how excited they are about missionary work. Its much cooler here. Theres wind and it gets cooler at night. A huge relief after 45 degree weather in Rondonópolis. There is lots of wild life here. Its a smaller town more in the middle of the wild. I´ve almost gotten tired of seeing parrots already. There are a lot of them. Ive seen some turtles, and lizards as well. The other missionaries saw a couple of monkeys a while ago. That must have been cool. We were talking with a member family the other day, when a huge cigarra (a big bug that makes a lot of noise. I think its casayda in english) landed on my head. I thought it was one of their kids grabbing my hair, but then I felt it and it wasn´t. Then I threw it across the room and it started to fly everywhere. Eventually we got it to leave. That was an interesting experience. We´ve had a few possibilities for baptism already. A 16 year old boy and a man that are interested in the church. One is Jefferson. The man is Himundo. We are also teaching a couple with 2 kids. The dads name is Batista. I forgot the moms name. They just need to recieve an answer that the Book of Mormon is true. I´m really excited about the work here. Its going to be great. Anyway. I love you all. See yah in a couple years! Elder Skiles

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