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Monday, November 5, 2012

Email of November 5, 2012

Hello everyone, This week was pretty good. One of our investigators (Israel) went to church yesterday. The rest didn´t make it, but thats just part of the work. Keeping faith and good cheer even when the results don´t come. Israel is progressing great. He will be baptised. The only problem is that he will leave Rondonópolis tomorrow to go back to São Paulo, so he won´t be able to be baptized until he gets back in december. Thats alright though. I did my part even if I won´t be the one to reap the harvest. We are still working really hard and finding lots of families to teach. This week we will find even more. I´m really happy here on the mission. The time goes by so fast. Its wierd how no matter how much time ive been on the mission. I still get nervous to talk to people on the street. Its interesting how that never goes away. Every time we go out of our confort zone to talk to someone, its an act of faith. What are Janais plans about going on a mission? Has she decided what she wants to do yet? Good luck with all the work Caleb. Just keep pluggin away because it will all be worth it. The skills learned working in the theatre have helped me a lot on the mission. Especially about forgetting yourself, working with others, and organization skills. In the end, youll make it. So don´t stress out. It will be so weird going back home now that everone has changed so much. I will have changed a lot too. Hopefully for the good. I did hear about the natural disaster in New York. People alwasy ask me if its close to were I live. Then I explain that I´m pretty sure the northeast of brazil is colser than I live to New York. I love you all. Good luck with all the work. See yah in a couple years. Marc

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