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Monday, April 1, 2013

Email of April 1, 2013

Hello Everyone! Happy Easter. My new area is really great, but really strange. There are SO MANY MEMBERS!!!!!! there were 167 people at church on Sunday. I had to bear testimony and I got a little nervous. It's very different to work in such a strong area. We Baptised 3 people on Sunday. A single woman and two kids (cousins of members). All of them were references from members. I like my new companion a lot. Elder Herrera. As for when I go back home. Most of the Americans that come to the mission with me will go in the middle of August, but I want to stay until September. I don't want to have just a week at home and then go out to college again. Also... The mission is two years right? not 1 year and 11 months. Anyway. Things are going great here. A lot of work to be done. We are teaching a great family. The father looks like a member already. They will baptize in 2 weeks. I´m pretty excited about that. I keep praying for Bryce. I´m sure he´ll be fine. I love you all. See yah in a couple years! Marc

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