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Monday, January 14, 2013

Email of January 14, 2013

Hello family, This week was amazing. The family that we have been teaching got baptised on Saturday and were confirmed on Sunday. It was a miracle. The mother was having some doubts about being baptised and if she really wanted to make the decision. She prayed and prayed for an answer and couldn´t sleep the next night. In the morning she went to work and saw her co-worker (the Branch President) and the answer just came. She new she should be baptised. It is a very humbling experience to see a family decide to follow the Savior and join his church. I gained a greater testimony that a missionary can´t convert anyone. Only the Spirit can. The family is Vera (mom), Renato (dad), and RenĂ£ (son). They have a little girl as well who will turn 8 this year. I attached a picture of their baptism. The ward here has started to get into action. They are going to start doing activities and call branch missionaries. I´m really excited about all the work here. It's hard when you want so bad to help someone, but you don´t know exactly what to do. Anyway. I love you all! I have a year and 4 months on the mission today! See yah all in a couple years! Marc

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