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Monday, December 17, 2012

Email of December 17, 2012

Hello Everyone! This week was fantastic! We had investigators at church yesterday! Its a family that we had found this week. A little 7-yearold girl on the street asked us if we talk about Jesus. We responded yes. Then she said "could you come to my house then". We said we would and followed her to her house. We met her mother and her brother and left the message of the Restoration. She said she had been to a lot of churches, but none that she saw that had the truth. We promissed her that if she prayed she would be able to know that what we taught is true. She´s pregnant and couldn´t make it to church alone so we got a member to bring her. She came with her two children. Her husband is in Campo Grande, but he will be able to come when he gets back. She participated in the Principles of the Gospel class making comments and her kids made friends with the other primary kids. It was really great. So I guess the world is going to end here in a little. I wonder what people will do. Some people will do crazy things when they think the world is going to end. Marc

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