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Monday, November 28, 2011

eMail of November 28, 2011

Hey family,
Things are going great here. We baptized Bianca on Friday. That was pretty exciting, especially because its my first. Still working hard. The language is coming very well. Still learning loads of stuff. My companion is great. Very patient and very humble and very helpful. Its just the two of us in our apartment. This is kind of good because it means I can only speak portuguese all day every day. The apartment is great. It has a bathroom, two bedrooms, a main room, and a kitchen. It even has its own washing machine. I´ll take pictures of it and send them next pday.

The members feed us lunch (the main meal in Brazil) pretty much every day. There's this less-active member named Edson. He's really great. He loves having us over for food and we go to his house sometimes so he can help me study portuguese. He used to be a teacher. Now he's just doing nothing living in his fairly large (for Brazil) house with a pool and everything, living off his dad's fortune which got passed to him after his dad died. He served a mission in Rio de Janeiro, loves the missionaries and feeds us all the time and drives us places on pday, pays tithing, has nothing to do, has a testimony, and doesn't go to church. It kind of confuses me, but we got him to go to church last Sunday and I think he really enjoyed it.

Teaching is getting better and better. An apostle said that teaching by the Spirit means teaching with understanding. This is difficult when you can´t understand what people are saying. That means it's really really important that I learn the language and even more important that I follow the Spirit when teaching.

Thanks for all your prayers. I miss you all very much, but this is only motivating when I am focused on the work. I love you all. Keep the emails coming. See yah in a couple years!

Elder Skiles

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