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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

eMail of November 8, 2011

Hello Family!

I´m so excited about all the stuff you guys have going on at home. I love hearing about it. That's an interesting situation with the lights. I´m sure dad will be able to figure something out. It's true what you said dad about the mission rules even now. Some people tell you "don't be too strict on the rules", but you're always told "exact obedience". I think I´ll just do what I´m told to avoid confusion. Some things are hard tho. There is a rule, for example, that you can only take pictures on p-day in the MTC. But my roommates, who were awesome, were leaving; so, we took pictures together last night. I guess I need to try to do better.

I´m super excited for the field! I´m taking a plane there on Tuesday. On Monday, we got to go proselyting around the MTC. It was a little hard because pretty much everyone and their dog has been contacted around here. But we did find people and placed a few copies of The Book of Mormon.

Next week we will get to go somewhere else out in the city. Today we ate at a barbeque place with our professors. It was sooooo goood. So much meat! I'm stuffed right now. It was the best meat though I've probably ever had. I got to try chicken hearts. They were pretty good. I´m so excited to go out into the field right now. A lot of people are getting really tired of the MTC, but I´m still having fun so I´ll just take it as it comes.

I know so much that the gospel is true. Every day. I got to go to the temple today for the last time in 22 months. It's pretty sad. It was a great experience though. The temple is everything I´m realizing. The goal of the temple and missionary work is the same. To bring families together for eternity. I love this gospel and I know it's true. And thankfully. spreading the gospel is nothing like my sales job. What a relief. I love all you guys! My next email to you will be in the field! Thanks for being the best family. I love you all!

Marc Skiles

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