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Monday, July 29, 2013

Email of July 29, 2013

Hey family! Thanks for the pictures. This week was kind of crazy. I got to Verdão and unpacked my bags when the unthinkable happened. I got an emergency transfer to Coxipó! Now I´m going to end the mission in the area that I started. I´m here with Elder Underwood still. This transfer is being great. Elder Underwood is a great companion and we are working really hard. We are opening the area and we already had an investigator at church. That was a miracle. It's the 9 year old daughter of a less active family. We are trying to reactivate the family through the baptism of their daughter. I sincerely believe that this was an inspired transfer. Elder Underwood is an amazing missionary. The mission has changed him a lot as well. We are both getting along really great and learning from each other. Our goal is to keep working hard and to baptize till the end. I still know most of the members here in the area. It's cool to pass in the area you started because you can see how much you have changed over the course of the mission. I was called to give a talk on Sunday right when the meeting started. The life of a missionary. haha. I talked about some of the things I had learned over the course of the mission about the Atonement. When we are baptized we make the covenant to follow Christ´s example by taking upon ourselves the burdens of others. Sacrificing ourselves for God's children. That is probably the most important thing I have learned on the mission. I guess you all have stopped writing me emails because its so close to the end, but it's still nice to hear from you all. hehehe. I love you all. See you in a couple years! Marc

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