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Monday, July 1, 2013

Email of July 1, 2013

Hey Family! This week was great! It's been cold and rainy all week. We forgot our umbrellas and rain gear a couple times and got all wet. When we went to do divisions in Aquidauana we got all wet and muddy too. We had two investigators at church this week. Regina and her daughter Carmen. They were a reference from a member. They have their baptismal date marked for this week. I hope all goes well. We will do a family home evening at the member's house with them this week. They arrived at church before we did actually. That's what you call a golden investigator. This week we knocked on a door and the man at the door didn´t want to hear, so we moved on. Then he felt bad for rejecting us. He chased us down on the street and said he was sorry he had rejected us and that we should not get discouraged. That was a first. But it really is true that just our presence on the streets going from door to door is a testimony to others that what we teach is true. This last week we were going to a lesson, but changed our minds and decided to go to a different person. On the way we passed a members house and decided we could ask them to come with us. When we got in IrĂȘnio (a member) was really sick with laryngitis and they had just called the Bishop to come and give a blessing. We gave him a blessing. I´m sure that we were guided by the spirit to go to his house. Anyway. I´m glad that all of you are doing well! I love you all! See yah in a couple years! Marc Elder Skiles

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