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Monday, March 4, 2013

Email of March 4, 2013

Hello Family, Sorry about not sending a letter last week. I wrote it. I remember typing it out. I must have shut down the computer without sending it. Oops. The work here is going very well. We baptised last week and the other Elders baptised this week. The church attendance is staying high. 81!!!!! yay!!!! We are getting so many references from the members right now its crazy! Its amazing because its the members that are doing all the work right now. This makes our work much much more effective. I had an interview with the mission president last week and I asked him if I could stay 1 or 2 more transfers. He´s gunna let me stay 1 more transfer! yay! so now my mission will go until the 13th of October. More than 30 after the 14th of September would require special permission which is really hard to get, but the transfer ends just within this 30 day limit. I´m pretty excited about that. We are losing 3 branches to the Manaus Mission because it will be split soon. There will be a New Mission: The Brazil Porto Velho Mission. A lot of sisters will be coming here to the Brazil Missions. Brazillians and Americans. Brazil now has the second most missions in the world after the US. The church is growing here. Fast. Its really exciting to see these things happening. Anyway. I love you all. See yah in a couple years! Elder Skiles

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