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Monday, October 15, 2012

eMail of October 15, 2012

Hello Everyone, This week was pretty great. We are teaching a couple of young men and a family right now. They are recieving the messeges very well. Now we have an Elder Siquera living with us in the house. He´s great. He´s really funny. I like him a lot. He´s a great leader. He knows how to gain the trust and respect of people which is a hard combination. Next week will be difficult because all the members will be in Campinas going to the temple. Makes integrating Investigators and members hard when you don´t have Members. hahah. President Reber is changing the mission focus a lot. He´s started to focus a lot more on the importance of the mission rules and working with members. Its an interesting change, but its what the Mission is needing right now. Its great to hear about all the activities that are going on at home and in school. Be grateful for those things because here in Brazil, Extra-Curricular activities at schools don´t exist. Its difficult to find a Brazilian that does some kind of music, art, or sport besides soccer in the street. Soccer was liberated again. We are going to get to play today. I´m pretty excited about that. Daniel (brother of Ana Alice), who we baptized last transfer, made me really happy last week. He´s really shy, but is trying to conquer that. This week he asked if he could go proselyting with us. I got super excited about that. We are going to do visits with him this week. Anyway. I love you all. See yah in a couple years! Elder Skiles

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