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Monday, September 24, 2012

eMail of September 24, 2012

Hello Everyone! Things are going fantastically. This week was pretty busy. It was me that took that money out. I had to buy a new SD card because the one I had got a virus and a flash drive to put the recuperated photos from the old SD card. Lets just say I´m never going to use a SD-USB card adapter anymore. By the way: Could everyone send me some cool photos in email of everone so I can put them in an album here. Its really great to have to show members and investigators and other missionaries. To break the ice you know. I´m already going to put in some of the photos you have already sent me. Daniel and Maria Luise (Ana Alice´s brothers) recieved the gift of the Holy Ghost this week and Daniel was interviewed to recieve the preisthood next week. That was pretty exciting. I´m so glad to hear Ashley went to the temple! Thats Great! That really is the goal of missionary work. Get as many families to the temple as possible. I miss the Temple. The really hot weather ended and right now its being perfect. Its supposed to rain A LOT this week. We are going to do an activity this week in the chapel. ITs going to be about the Plan of Salvation. The participants will be guided holding a rope and visit all the kingdomes of glory. They start with outer darkness and keep moving up untill the Celestial in the chapel. The rooms will grow gradually brighter and brighter. It should be really cool. We are going to try and get investigators to go as well as some less actives. Anyway. I love you all. Untill next week. Send those photos please. See yah in a couple years! Marc

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  1. Hello Marc,

    Great to hear that your mission to the people in Brazil is going have an opportunity that I passed up on many years ago, and to this day, truly regret that decision...

    You will do come from a very good family...we really enjoy knowing your parents and having a friendship with them...

    The Kirkland 4th ward here is doing great...everyone is friendly, the ward meetings and activities are always buzzing with good and sacred times...

    Continue to serve the Lord, Marc, the best you can...we wish you great health and confidence over the remainder of your time there...may the Lord bless you with everything you are in need of...


    Bro. Kevin Bingham