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Monday, February 27, 2012

eMail of February 27, 2012

Hey family,

Thanks so much for the photos. She is really cute. I really badly want to hold her. I'm super excited that I´m an uncle now. It's kind of wierd to think my parents are grandparents now. Happy Birthday Mom and Caleb... and Hannah. Which reminds me that I forgot to say happy birthday to Carlene. So happy Birthday Carlene too.

Things are going great here. My companion and I are getting along real well. I found out that I am alergic to cats and apples now. I developed them both at the same time a couple weeks ago. (David would think that was interesting I think). The same allergies dad has. It's weird because one day I was petting and holding cats totally fine and then all of a sudden I go into allergies if the house has a cat. Cool anyway.

We're gunna have a baptism next week. She's the wife of a member. They've been going to church together for 4 months amd they got married a couple weeks ago so she's more than ready. This is one baptism I think will definitely end up in the temple. My companion and I are super happy about that. He had been praying that he would be able to marry a couple and baptise them because he had never done it before. Now we have 2 dates of baptisms for couples recently married. His prayer was answered. We´re still working to baptise mirian as well. I think she´ll be the key to reactivating her children who are baptised.

Elder Marc Skiles

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