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Monday, December 12, 2011

eMail of December 12, 2011

Hey family,

I´m glad to hear things are going well. Things are great here. I got to play piano for a Christmas thing, which was fun. I played one song, my companion played all the other ones, he's much better sight-reader than me.

We also had a baptism. His name is Igor. He is 10. He was a fantastic investigator. Very intelligent. He read everything we told him to, understood everything we taught him, and even knew how to pray before we taught him. The sister who teaches primary said he told the whole story of Joseph Smith by heart in class. I hope he continues strong.

It's starting to rain a lot here which is great because it's just like home. I´m really enjoying listening to Christmas music all the time and singing Christmas music in the apartment and such. It really is a wonderful time of year. I love you all and I´m glad all is going well. I miss you a lot, but this is where I´m supposed to be. See yah all in a couple years. Merry Christmas. Feliz natal!

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