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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

eMail of October 18, 2011

Thanks for all your emails. I am so proud of you guys (Caleb, Nathaniel, and Janai) for all the great things you are doing spiritually and other things. They will all make you guys better people. I did see Brent, but I didn't realize who it was till he was about 50 yards from me. It made me feel really happy to see him though.

Yesterday the fire alarm went off while I was getting a haircut. My companion and I had to go out to the field with my hair half cut. It was pretty amusing to everyone. I'm kind of sad to leave here. But excited for Brazil. Sorry about getting a cold Carlene and Brent. That bites. That's great that you are helping Mac mom. She needs it. The package did make it to me yesterday so we are all good with that. My email is kind of choppy, sorry. I don't have much time.

There is an Elder in our district with heart problems that may make it so he cannot go to Brazil. Keep him in your prayers please. I really liked your poem Caleb. It was very good. You have so many talents Caleb. Every time we go to the temple I see little babies and toddlers. It makes me think of my future niece and I want to play with them so bad. I can't though, obviously.

I've never been happier all the time in my life as I am now. The Lord's plan truly is the plan of happiness. I don't even feel that nervous about going to Brazil because I know all of you guys love me and the Lord loves me and will give me whatever trials I need.

Continue to try and be virtuous Nathaniel. It is a wonderful Christlike attribute you are striving for and the atonement of Christ will help you accomplish that. I'm all packed and ready to go on an extremely long flight. I'm so excited. One Elder in my district is also leaving on the same flight so that makes things much easier.

One thing I will miss here is foursquare for gym. Brent and David are probably thinking "oh, your one of those guys". It is pretty funny how intense foursquare can get. It's a lot of fun. Especially since now people laugh and joke around wereas when I first got here it was just sort of this silent tension and the occasional passive aggressive comment about cheep shots and bad calls. It has become pretty fun and lax now. I wonder who thought to put a foursquare court in a gym used by 19 and 20 year olds. They were genuises. I like playing soccer though which will be good for Brazil. Thats all they play.

Anyway, I love you all and very much appreciate your emails and letters. Those are much hoped for things for missionaries. (not sure that was good english). I love you all. I pray for you. Thanks for your prayers. My next email to you all will be from Brazil!

Elder Skiles

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