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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

eMail of October 11, 2011

Hey Family,

I'm so glad things are going so well for you guys. I'm so pround of you Nathaniel for trying to make that change to be more virtuous. Being willing to change (being humble) is probably the most important attribute we can have. It enables us to become like Christ. I'm so exited that Ivan is going on a mission to Brazil. The converts here [at the MTC] have such strong testimonies because they know what the conversion process is like for investigators.

Things are still going very well. We had a tremendous learning experience in our district this week. There was this practical joke that some of the kids [missionaries] were playing by turning the head of the water fountain so that people would squirt themselves. Someone brought it up in our district meeting that it was a bit of a distraction. We talked about it for a bit and our district leader asked that no one do it anymore. Some of the kids [missionaries] started to argue back that people should learn to control their focus and the district leader should not be so iron fisted and cannot make rules. Some refused to follow the rule. I was pretty upset about it because I felt we needed to do whatever the district leader said no matter what because he is our leader and I felt they were being very disrespectful of his calling. We talked to our professor about it and we had a long talk about leadership and focusing on the missionary purpose and such. I learned that I should not be so outspoken about my opinion when the issue should be between the District Leader and the people who had the problem and no one else. I should have not gotten involved. It was a great learning experience. It seemed I was the only one to side with the district leader even in the end though. He thanked me for it and that made me feel good. I learned a lot about leadership and how things like that should and should not be handled from that experience.

Things with my companion are great. The most important thing is that we are honest and open with how we feel about things and that makes our relationship and effectiveness so much stronger. We have a timer of exactly 30 min to read all the emails and respond. When time runs out, the program shuts down and we can't send our email so thats why I only write one to all of you and it is kind of short.

I am learning so much here. One of my favorite scriptures now is Alma chaper 17 (i think) about Ammon. There is soooooo much symbolism in that story for missionary work. The servants are the members, the flocks are investigators, Ammon is the missionary, and the water is the gospel. The scattering Lamanites are temptations and addictions. It's so powerful when you think of it that way. That kind of symbolism is all over the place in the scriptures.

I pray for you guys all the time. I am so exited to be an uncle as well. I tell people all the time. I'm learning to sew because my blue slacks ripped the same way the gray ones did. It should be fun. I just want you guys to know that I know that this is Christ's true gospel on the earth. I know without a doubt that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and the Book of Mormon is true. It's so wonderful to know that because Christ atoned for our sins, we can truly change the desires of our hearts and become clean and new people if we just show our trust and faith in Him. This is the doctrine of Christ and I can't wait to share it with the people of Brazil.

I love you all. It bring me great courage to know that my family is still my family in the Lord. Just like the scripture says. Thanks for your prayers! I love you all.

Elder Marc Skiles

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